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 Introduction of DLGL- Dung Quat Hotel   Dear Honored Customers, What ifthe modern way of life required businessmen or constantly away from your office and home? Now you can feel at home and at your office, even thousands of miles away. Opened in June 2011, DLGL- Dung Quat Hotel is the first international four – star hotel at the Economic Zone, built on a green and tranquil space at the Doc Soi Junction, near the trunk road Hightway 1A to Dung Quat Port, Chu Lai Airport and the Van Tuong urban area. Since its opening the hotel has attracted many visitors coming here to work, stay or just relax. This ia a convenient location to the sites of the economy as well as two Quang Nam and Quang Ngai Provinces with distance:
15 Km from the DLGL hotel to Dung Quat Port 10 Km ...View more   
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At DLGL – Dung Quat Hotel on August 10 , PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the investment promotion conference 2016, themed “Quang Ngai-potential and investment opportunities”, hosted by Quang ...View more   
1. Free of charge meeting room  * Application  - Applying to the group of over 20 rooms for at least 2 nights - Only charge for meeting room ...View more   
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